GOP voted to take away 6 essential benefits?

On Wednesday 1.11.2017 the Senate passed a budget resolution to end ACA – Obama Care. Vote A Rama

***New York Times Explanation 1.11.2017  *

Republicans voted against amendments – Search to the budget resolution that would:

  1.  Protect people with Pre Exisiting Conditions
    1. S Amdt.61
  2.  Let young adults stay on their parents plan
  3. Maintain Access to Contraceptive Coverage
    1. Preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management. [Medicaid.Gov]
    2. (D) Maternity (page 9 & 85)  [but not infertility] and newborn care.
  4. Ensure Medicaid – Medi-Cal stay in place
  5. Protect children on Medicaid – Medi-Cal or CHIP
  6. Protect Veterans Health Care

Republicans say they want to replace Obamacare with something better. But in just one night’s votes, they indicated that they are not willing to take a stand to ensure that people with pre-existing conditions, women, children, veterans, young adults, people with disabilities, and struggling families can continue to access the affordable coverage they need going forward. Think

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