Seema Verma
Watch your sugar intake

exchange between Stabenow and Verma from the confirmation hearing before the Senate Finance Committee

Seema Verma
Seema Verma – Preliminary head of CMS

“She has vast experience working with state governments to improve and modernize their Medicaid systems,” Hatch said. “And, she has the knowledge and temperament necessary to lead this important agency at this critical time.”  From Indiana alone, Verma’s Indianapolis-based firm, SVC Inc. collected more than $6.6 million in consulting fees. The firm helped the state expand Medicaid in a program that requires beneficiaries to pay premium contributions, have health savings accounts, and a face a benefit lock-out if they don’t pay premiums.   Modern Health Care  3.1.2017  * Wikipedia  *


Opposes Maternity Mandate LA Times 2.24.2017

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