CMS – CFR Changes Market Stabilization – CMS 9929 P

“The ACA marketplaces weren’t collapsing, but they could be made to collapse through administrative actions,”

President Trump has already signed an executive order directing the HHS to begin unraveling Obamacare. In the early hours of his presidency, Trump directed government agencies to freeze regulations and take steps to weaken the healthcare law.

The order directed departments to “waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation” of provisions that imposed fiscal burdens on states, companies or individuals. These moves were meant to minimize the costs and regulatory burdens imposed on states, private entities and individuals.

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The proposed market stabilization rule, issued in February, contained provisions that would shorten the open-enrollment period for the federal marketplace from three months to six weeks; shift authority to states to determine whether health plans have adequate provider networks; and let insurers design plans that pay for a somewhat lower percentage of consumers’ medical costs. It does not apply to state-run exchanges in states such as California and New York.

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