House GOP Health Plan Vote Nears Amid Uncertainty

It will be a long day for President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as they push to gather the needed support to ensure passage of the American Health Care Act.

The New York Times: House Republicans Search For Votes To Repeal Obamacare
Hardline conservatives in the House will meet Thursday morning with President Trump to hammer out changes to the House bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, pressing to eliminate federal requirements that health insurance plans provide a basic set of benefits like maternity care, emergency services and wellness visits. House Republican leaders called off a meeting with all members of their party early Thursday at the Capitol, placing their faith in a House Freedom Caucus negotiating session at the White House with President Trump. If the president and the conservatives can reach an agreement, a vote on the House floor, still scheduled for Thursday, can move forward. (Kaplan and Pear, 3/23)

Politico: Obamacare Repeal In Jeopardy As Trump Offers 11th-Hour Concessions
The Republican push to replace Obamacare – backed forcefully by President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan —is in jeopardy, as a last-ditch bid by the White House to win conservative support late Wednesday appeared to repel moderates. Moderate Republicans huddled with Speaker Paul Ryan and House leaders for nearly two hours Wednesday night but emerged without consensus — and a vote on the health measure still teed up for late Thursday. Immediately after exiting the meeting, Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.), leader of the House’s moderate Tuesday Group, panned the bill, known as the American Health Care Act. (Cheney, Bade and Bresnahan, 3/23)

The Washington Post: GOP Health-Care Plan Hangs In Balance As House Leaders Push For Thursday Floor Vote
The Republican health-care overhaul faces its greatest test ever on Thursday as President Trump and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) work feverishly to persuade enough Republican lawmakers to back the measure and push it to a floor vote. Late Wednesday, the White House and House leaders were still scrambling to grow support, and signaled at the 11th hour a willingness to rework the measure to mollify conservatives. (Eilperin, DeBonis and Weigel, 3/23)

USA Today: 8 GOP House Members Whose Votes On Health Care Will Be Crucial
Pressure on undecided members has been intense, with President Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and other Republican leaders pushing their GOP colleagues to approve the legislation while some conservative groups and some Republican governors plead with them to reject the bill. Here’s a look at eight GOP House members whose votes will be crucial in deciding the outcome. (Kelly and Collins, 3/23)

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